Polski Klaster Budowlany Firma Rekomendowana

Eastern Construction Cluster.

Vinderen and Vinderen Mikspol are members of the Polish Construction Cluster.

The Polish Construction Cluster belongs to the elite group of 7 clusters operating in Poland, which have been awarded the status of the Domestic Key Cluster.

The Domestic Key Clusters represent the crucial national industries and increase the competitiveness of their members both on the domestic and foreign markets. The Polish Construction Cluster gathers over 300 companies operating in the construction industry throughout Poland. The cluster includes general contractors, architects, manufacturers of building materials and chemicals, producers of joinery, interior design products, furniture and roller shutters.

The activity of the Cluster is supported by universities and institutions surrounding business, which, thanks to R&D activities, help enterprises in the development of their innovative potential and achieving competitive advantage.


Klaster Gospodarki Odpadowej i Recyklingu

Waste Management and Recycling Cluster

Vinderen is a member of the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster

The Waste Management and Recycling Cluster (KGOiR) are companies representing the Polish capital, which are involved in recycling and transport of all types of waste. They provide services throughout the country, in most of the EU and outside of the EU countries.

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises are involved in the collection, disposal, treatment, recovery, recycling and transport of all types of waste. Manufacturers of machinery and equipment are involved in the treatment, recycling and disposal of waste. Manufacturers of finished goods, on the other hand, apply the recycled materials in their production.

These activities are supported by scientific institutions, modern research and development centres as well as companies and institutions that support business.

Between 2010 and 2013, Vinderen built a recycling plant for worn-out rubber tyres in Sławno, where the highest quality SBR granulate and alternative fuel are being produced.

The factory uses SBR granulate to produce safe rubber surfaces under the Rubtiler brand. These surfaces are ideal for use in sports facilities, children’s playgrounds and as architectural elements. The entire infrastructure of the production plant has been designed with environmental protection in mind – from the structure of the building, through operations and working processes. The factory has been fitted with a modern and energy-saving machine park of high efficiency.