Rubtiler is a Polish brand of safe rubber surfaces. Rubtiler brand products are manufactured in a tyre factory in Sława. The production plant was established in 2013 and is equipped with a modern machine park. The factory building was designed with the environment in mind. Its operation and functioning were planned likewise.

Rubtiler products can be used, among others, for playgrounds, in homes or gardens and at sports facilities. Rubtiler is a 100% eco-friendly brand and its products are made from fully recycled waste rubber. Rubtiler products are mainly sold to contractors of sports facilities, playgrounds, developers and individual customers. The company also produces alternative fuel, which is a product of complete recycling of used tyres.

The current range of Rubtiler brand products includes:

  • rubber slabs, bricks and interlocking floor mats
  • breeding mats
  • artificial turf
  • 99% purified granulate
  • alternative fuel

Advantages of using flexible rubber surfaces:

  • Protects against injuries to bones or joints caused by falls
  • Do not accumulate dust and therefore reduce the risk of respiratory tract irritation
  • Do not soil clothes
  • Resistant to changing weather conditions
  • Easy and quick to install
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